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Who is Will?

Will Horter is an activist, writer, dad and friend. Will has a track record of creating innovative organizations, building strong collaborative teams and incubating kick-ass campaigns. He is known for his strategic abilities having conceived, developed, managed many of the highest profile campaigns in British Columbia over the last two decades. Will led DogwoodBC for 18 years, the first 16 as Executive Director and the last two as Executive Team member and Director of Strategy. Before that Will led EcoJustice’s (then Sierra Legal Defence Fund) forestry program. Will earned his Juris Doctor degree Summa Cum Laude from the University of California, after completing a B.A from Dartmouth College in New Hampshire where he majored in Anthropology and Third World studies. Prior being called to the BC Bar in 1995, Will worked extensively as a community and labour organizer around the world. He also serves on the board of numerous international, national and provincial non-profits. His passion is helping local people solve local problems and he is immensely curious about how things work and why. He lives in Victoria where he enjoys baking with his daughter, the sunshine, fitness, reading, writing and pondering things that matter in the world.

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